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Contractors and contractors to be! Welcome again to The Lawn Expert!

As previously mentioned, for a low-to-almost-no risk investment you can be on your way to building and running your own successful contracting business.

With The Lawn Expert (and with our help), you get it right…the first time!

It is really important for you to know that you can make a go of it in the lawn mowing and gardening business if you have someone guiding you along the way!

We will help you to get it right...the first time! Instead of not being sure you are doing the right thing (like spending money on a big ad camapign), we will tell you what will and what won't work!

Have you heard your plumber or electrician mate tell you about the latest marketing thing that was going to have the customers walking through the front door? Well, that latest marketing thing cost him thousands of dollars, and he only got 2 jobs out of it!

The Lawn Expert's boss, Gerry Faehrmann, has over 20 years valuable contracting experience (from The School Of Hard Knocks, Sydney, NSW, Australia) with formal business qualifications including a Master Of Business Administration Degree (from Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Gerry Faehrmann has also attended countless seminars (over the years) given by marketing and sales gurus.

So you want to get it right…the first time? Well, you can be sure you will get it right the first time, because Gerry knows what works and what doesn't in the lawn mowing industry!

Your low-to-almost-no risk investment for yearly subscription and membership to The Lawn Expert system of business success will give you the following:

All the above services easily provide in excess of $4,000 per year of value, however, your low-to-almost-no risk investment is only $870 per year.

So to get started on your journey to business success (for less than half a slab of beer a week, which is tax deductible, of course!), please contact us through our contact form for any expression of interest.

In the form please give all your details including your full name, your age, your current employment and what's doing, your street home address, your telephone number and preferred postcode area for your new Lawn Mowing Business.

It does not matter if you are from Kalgoorlie (WA), Darwin (NT), Townsville (Qld), Blaxland (NSW), Hahndorf (SA), Deakin (ACT), Frankston (Vic) or Launceston (Tas). All comers are welcome!

This works anywhere in Australia, no matter where you live!

To develop a strong two (2) way friendly relationship between The Lawn Expert and You, we will invoice the first year of your membership subscription in 3 easy to pay instalments. These payments will be more than easily covered by the income you will receive from your new business success!

The initial membership payment will be $390 (after the cheque has been cleared you will receive, within 7 days, the PDF version of the "Lawn Mowing Contractor's Business Success ManualTM"- comprising over 100 pages of excellent marketing and business knowledge), followed by two more invoice payments of $240 (at 2 months and 4 months) into the first year of the membership. Subsequently, at your membership anniversaries, you will be invoiced the yearly membership fee of $870 (including GST). Where membership fees are defaulted, not paid in full (by the due date) or not paid at all (by the due date), The Lawn Expert will advertise a new membership available for that postcode area.

Just think, we have removed almost all the risk from you by offering you the membership on an instalment plan! It could not be easier! To have a look at the summarised version, or snapshot, of the "Lawn Mowing Contractor's Business Success ManualTM" click here.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about

Yours in business success,

Gerry Faehrmann